Friday, February 19, 2016

Wednesday 13 talks about possible Murderdolls reunion

Wednesday 13 was recently interviewed by Sticks For Stones, you can read some excerpts below.

About the current status of Murderdolls, he said: "It's no secret. I've told everybody. It's kind of public knowledge; at least I think it's public knowledge…. The last time that any of us from the last lineup of Murderdolls, which is most of my band now, which was my band prior to Murderdolls, the last show we did was five years ago in April this year, and we played, and that was the last time that any of us spoke to Joey. And then all the Slipknot stuff happened and that broke down the communication between us even further. So, yeah, there's nothing going on at all."

Wednesday 13, however, stopped short of saying that there will never be another Murderdolls album. He said: "I don't know. I mean, honestly, when that second album happened, I'd said for years it was never gonna happen and it did. So to say that another one would never happen would be silly, but, at the moment, there is nothing at all, not even a rumble."

He continued: "I always tell people when I hear, 'What's the current status of Murderdolls?' And I always say, 'Watch the 'Nowhere' video, the last video we put out,' and in the video we're in a car and we fall off a cliff. That's a good indication of where we are. Did we die? Was there an explosion? We don't know. To be continued. That band is… I love it. It was the reason I have a career, and it put me on the map. So I'm proud of it."

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