Friday, January 22, 2016

Vince Neil about Motley Crue's final show: "It was emotional and surreal and exhilarating"

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil recently talked with South Bend Tribune about band's final show in Los Angeles, California. He said: "I was emotional. There is video out there. I broke down. It was emotional and surreal and exhilarating. You think about it, it was a huge part of my life."

About if he could foresee Motley Crue ever reuniting, Neil said: "Never. That was it."

About his solo live backing band, he said: "I have been with these guys for almost nine years now. They are all great. It's a great combination. It's cool and it's a good vibe. We are definitely bringing a good time to town."

He added: "We do all of the Motley stuff and a lot of the stuff that Motley didn't normally do. These guys are great. I can call out anything. It is a lot of fun and has a great energy. Everybody that has seen it really enjoyed it."

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