Friday, January 15, 2016

Soundgarden's Chris Cornell about David Bowie: "Hearing he'd died was just a really sad thing"

Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone, you can read some excerpts below.

About David Bowie's death, he said: "When I woke up [on Monday], I was already thinking about David Bowie. I was checking out his new record a couple of days ago; I was reading about it, I'd listened to a few songs. Then I saw the news. Hearing he'd died was just a really sad thing. I was very happy with 'Blackstar'. I was really happy with his last album, 'The Next Day', too. Both albums show an ongoing evolution. I need people like David Bowie, people who are always moving on and not in a frustrating or slovenly way. It encourages me because I want to be able to write music and create albums until I drop dead.

"I'd heard about him being ill over the last couple of years, so it wasn't a huge surprise, but just reading about his album a couple of days ago, I'd been thinking, 'Oh, he's better. He's fine.' It was sad to feel like that's not going to happen and we're not gonna see him again. You don't know how important someone is to you as an artistic influence until suddenly they're gone. I've certainly been having that experience. It's kind of equal parts sad and celebratory to think, 'Awesome. What an amazing career he had and what an amazing legacy he's left for everybody.'"

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