Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce about 'From Death To Destiny': "Danny clearly didn’t want to be in the band"

Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce was recently interviewed by Alternative Press, you can read an excerpt below.

About how difficult it was to record From Death To Destiny with former frontman Danny Worsnop: "We were in a different mindset than we were for From Death To Destiny. Danny clearly didn’t want to be in the band and it was just a struggle the whole time. This time we were fresh, we had Denis [Stoff, new vocalist] we were all excited to get back to doing what we really loved to do and what we’re really good at. [On] From Death To Destiny, we didn’t have that because Danny just flat out refused to sing or scream over the songs we would write, so we had to make some huge compromises with that record. This one we got to go back to our roots. It was a lot of fun doing this record."

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