Monday, January 25, 2016

Arch Enemy's Michael Amott: "I'd rather make an album when we have something to say as a band"

Arch Enemy guitarist Michael Amott was recently interviewed by SiriusXM at NAMM 2016, you can read some excerpts below.

About Arch Enemy's plans for the coming months, Amott said: "We're kind of slowing down a bit. We just did put out a new album in 2014 called 'War Eternal', and it did very, very well for us all over the world, and we just completed a three-hundred -date world tour. So three hundred shows is a lot, and we're kind of feeling… We're slowing down a little bit now. We're kind of gonna take a bit of a break and, yeah, just write some new music… I always write music. There's bits and pieces floating around on various laptops and phones and just up here [points to his head]. So, yeah, we're gonna try to put that all together. But, you know, I'd rather make an album when we have something to say as a band. I just don't wanna be on a schedule and like, 'It's gotta be out by that time next year,' and work towards… I'd rather have good music and then start thinking about making a new album."

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