Friday, January 8, 2016

Alter Bridge in studio to work on new album

Alter Bridge are in the studio to work on new album.

Via Fret 12, a company associated with Alter Bridge members, give you intimate access into the world of band members.

Some of the rarities on offer include:

* Being a VIP for life
* Special meet-and-greets at soundcheck
* Having your name included in the new album liner notes
* Various signed and limited edition bundles
* Drumsticks used for album recordings
* PRS guitars used for album recordings
* Used strings and heads
* Handwritten lyric sheets
* Framed and signed album artwork
* Postcards from the band
* Access to an exclusive listening party and performance by the band

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Guitarist Mark Tremonti said: "Gearing up for new Alter Bridge album, we are happy to be able to offer our fans a few of the things they have asked us for in the past. As a band, we also tried to come up with a few unique items which I feel are the ultimate collector's items!" 

Myles Kennedy added: "We are very excited to offer these exclusive and unique opportunities for the Alter Bridge fans as we begin the next chapter of our journey!"

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