Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Soundgarden's Chris Cornell about Paris terrorist attacks: "I have a hard time talking about it onstage"

Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone Australia, you can read some excerpts below.

About if the Paris attacks "struck home" emotionally, in light of the fact that he used to live in the city, Cornell said: "Yeah, I have a hard time talking about it onstage especially, because I've played this acoustic show in that venue [Bataclan]. And how do I bring it up to an audience that's in pretty much the same environment that those people were in? And with the realization that this could happen right now! How closely are we paying attention, and if we are paying attention really closely, what can we even do about it anyway?"

He continued: "It's been really difficult to stand on a stage and speak about it, I haven't felt comfortable if for no other reason that I haven't felt like it's an appropriate moment to remind everybody of how horrendous [it was], just to entertain that. I think we all have pretty good imaginations, we know that it really happened, and we can imagine everything that could have unfolded from the first sounds and your brain trying to make sense of it and tricking you into thinking it's something else. It ended with a lot of people dying and a lot of people being injured and a lot of family members who probably will never heal from it."

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