Monday, December 21, 2015

Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose reacts to Scott Weiland's death

Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose was recently interviewed by Sticks For Stones, you can read some excerpts below.

About Scott Weiland's death: "It's a big loss, you know. Yet another one of the people that we grew up on and just a real sad story. Just a real sad ending, and, you know, oh, man. It hit everybody pretty hard here, but we've dealt with this loss now too many times, whether it be self-inflicted or whether it be by the hands of somebody else. We've lost a handful of our really close friends and people we consider our colleagues and part of our little family."

About if Weiland "seemed all right" when Sevendust crossed paths with him last, Rose said: "You know, he was doing a signing before us, so we, basically, we said our hellos and goodbyes really quick, because they were taking off and we were going to do a signing and then play. You know, he looked okay. He looked... I wouldn't have expected that this would have been happening, necessarily. I know that he had his demons..."

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