Friday, December 11, 2015

Nikki Sixx: "Scott Weiland died on my tour bus"

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx was recently talked on "Sixx Sense" about Scott Weiland, you can read some excerpts below.

About Scott Weiland: "On this last little run with Motley Crue, the bus that I had, it has a bedroom in the back and it has bunks on the side. Part of our staff was out there… And we get done with that leg of the tour and the bus goes on to another artist. So I remember the driver telling me he was gonna drive Scott Weiland right after he was done with our tour. And I was thinking, 'Ah, that's cool, man.' I think I said, 'Say hi.' We do this thing a lot of times. Like, Joe Walsh had the bus before me, and it was, like, 'Tell Nikki hi.' And I'm, like, 'Yeah.' And next time I saw Joe, it was, like, 'Hey, we have the same bus,' and it's like that little moment of…"

He continued: "So this thing just kind of rolled around in my brain, and this is a little bit dark, but… Scott took my bus and was sleeping in the same bed that I was sleeping in. And, you know, he was found dead on the bus. And I was just, like, 'God…' It's like so crazy to think how close we all are. "I'm a recovering drug addict. We believe… Scott said he was a recovering drug addict. You know, there it is. There's that, 'It's too close.' And the hardest part is, after Scott's body was removed from the bus and that's a whole other thing I can't even wrap my head around, the band was driven back to their home on the bus. 'Cause what are the gonna do? Walk home?"

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