Thursday, December 17, 2015

Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx: "I'm the anti rock star"

Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx was recently interviewed by, you can read some excerpts below.

About Motley Crue's "The Final Tour" coming to and end: "I'm a person who believes in manifesting stuff, and I'm usually about 24 months ahead of whatever I'm doing at this moment. So when we were putting together the final tour for Motley Crue, it was a couple of years ago. We were working on and talking about how we were gonna end it and where we were gonna end it and what it would look like and what it would smell like and feel like. So we've been in this for a while, even though we're winding down now. We all know what's coming, and we're all in the same place, which is: we love each other, we love what we've achieved, but we all wanna do something else as well. And we think that the only way to do something as well is to leave this intact. Because there isn't enough time. I haven't been able to tour with SIXX: A.M. because of Motley Crue. I don't blame Motley Crue, Motley Crue's my No. 1 band, but I wanna make SIXX: A.M. my No. 1 band. And the other guys feel the same way. Tommy Lee's into a totally different kind of music; he's into electronic music. And Mick Mars wants to do something more bluesy, guitar driven, and Vince Neil has a lot of businesses he's involved in. So for us to look at our calendar in 2016 and go, 'There's no Motley Crue. What can I do with my time?' And I'm already planning what I'm doing, and I'm sure so is everybody else."

About if he will ever play any Motley Crue songs again after "The Final Tour": "I said, 'I will never play Motley Crue music again,' because I wanted people to hear me. I wanted them to hear that SIXX: A.M. have five hit singles right now, we have a double record coming out, we've got two years of touring. It's really not part of the plan. After seeing my own words in the press, I was, like, who knows? Maybe four or five years down the road, maybe we'll do an acoustic version of 'Live Wire' or do some interesting… But you will never see SIXX: A.M. lean on Motley Crue, because I don't think that's fair. I wrote the songs, so I guess I'm entitled to play them if I want. I just want some distance."

Aboit the two new SIXX: A.M. albums which are going to be released in 2016: "We have an eight… It might even end up being a nine-minute long song. That will probably end up ending one of the records. We have a very short song that's really simple, just basic guitar and James Michael's voice and a powerful lyric. It'll find a home, because we have another slow song. So we're starting to do that. It's kind of exciting. Thematically, they're not a concept, but they do tie together sonically."

About the biggest misconception about him: "I think that people might think I'm a little more exciting than I am. I'll be honest with you, I'm really quite boring. But I'm always looking for something, and I think because of that, I'm not really that rock and roll. I don't think I'm very rock and roll at all. I'll be honest with you. I'm the 'anti rock star.' I am boring. If you're watching this, don't pay any attention to me. [Laughs]"

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