Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Guns N' Roses planned so far 25 reunion tour dates

According to a new rumor on the MyGNR forum, Guns N' Roses have 25 tour dates planned so far for the reunion tour, and the reason they haven't announced the reunion is the Coachella Festival. A member posted: "I have a few friends at Live Nation, AEG & Ticketmaster. I know from the conversations I’ve had, this is definitely happening. As absurd as it sounds, the biggest hold up right now is whether they are doing Coachella or not. If they do Coachella, and as of now they are, they can’t announce the tour until January. LN/Ticketmaster, does not want GNR to do Coachella, so they can announce earlier. but GNR does. As of now there is 25 dates."

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