Saturday, December 19, 2015

Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo: "I'm much more than just a metal drummer"

Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo was recently interviewed by Wikidrummers, you can read some excerpts below.

About how he first got into drumming: "I very young and I had a very strong passion for rhythm and music. And I couldn't resist the urge to listen and play drums, and, let's say, get a pair of drumsticks and just play everywhere. So I'd loved drumming for as long as I remember."

About if he is open to playing other styles of music: "Yeah, I'm very open to many different styles of music. Although people know me more from a band I played in called Slayer, but I'm much more than just a metal drummer. I listen to many different styles of music. I don't have many favorite bands, but I have favorite genres. So everything from industrial and electronica to ambient. Everything from Ministry, Skinni Puppy and Nine Inch Nails to Brian Eno. You know, ambient music… music for airports."

About producing the first two Philm albums: "I produced the two first ones, and I've agreed to let Ross Robinson produce the third. It's been a dream of mine to be a producer. I love working with other musicians, especially your own musicians. And I believe I've learned from some of the best, from Rick Rubin to Mike Patton to John Zorn. Those producers have taught me a lot."

About his role as a producer on the first two Philm albums: "My role on those two albums [was] making sure that everyone was coming to the studio, making sure all the gear and everything is in working condition with the engineer, making sure the sounds are right, it's what I wanted. I made sure all the album artwork was complete. I made sure… the sequence of the record. I kind of helped design the artwork. What else? And I made sure that the performance of the musicians was peak level. I made sure that the musicians did the best that they could. I tried to bring out the best in the musicians. Instead of just letting them decide, I felt times where they were able to do a better performance, so it was up to me to listen to see how it was and give ideas. Let's say, for the lead guitar player, I helped him, let's say, make some of the leads a little more musical, or maybe some lines… helped some lines with the lyrics or a vocal pattern or a melody. So it was a lot of contribution."

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