Monday, December 14, 2015

Filter frontman Richard Patrick about trying to help Scott Weiland: "Your death won't be in vain"

Filter frontman Richard Patrick posted a message on his Facebook page about Scott Weiland's death. You can read the message below.

Richard posted: "I’m sorry Scott. You know.. I was trying to help.. You were mad at me when I went public with my comments on your addiction.. and pissed you off just to get you to hear.. I figured if I lost a friend in order to help him it was worth the risk.. I figured if the shoe were on the other foot.. maybe one day you could hit me back somehow if I went out. People think it was lame or a publicity stunt but all I wanted was for you to hear me, if not all of us.. Bless you Scott. I will learn from your mistakes. I will be sober because of you.. Your death won’t be in vain.. Whenever I feel the temptation to use I will say too myself…

For Scott, not today.


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