Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Epica's Mark Jansen: "We are in a luxurious position that we have way too many songs"

Epica's Mark Jansen was recently interviewed by Metal Wani, you can read some excerpts below.

About the progress of the songwriting sessions for the new album, Jansen said: "We are in a luxurious position that we have way too many songs, so we can really select the top quality of the songs. And that will be a hard choice, because everybody will have, of course, slightly different opinions and preferences. But I'm pretty sure we're gonna manage, because there's already some tracks that really stand out and they are better than the others, and they, for sure, are gonna be the framework of the album. Now we have to see which other tracks fit best to the best tracks. 'Cause sometimes there's a track [that is] really good, but not fitting on an album. Now we have the luxurious position to leave them out and put a track that really fits the flow of the album. So we can really [make] a very balanced album. Like a good football team, there's always two options for every position. We have that now for every song, two options."

About the musical direction of the new Epica material, Jansen said: "I think we experimented quite a bit with 'The Quantum Enigma', 'cause some fans… Ninety percent of the fans said, 'Great! Now you sound how I always wanted you to sound.' Some fans said, 'Ooh, it's a bit heavier.' But I think this is the line we want to keep. So the next album will be in the line of 'The Quantum Enigma'. We will put a little bit different emphasis here and there, but that will be the line. And song-wise, we try to make it an even better one than 'The Quantum Enigma', even though that got very good reviews. We always have the desire to create something better than we've done before. And as long as you feel such a desire, I think then the flame is burning."

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