Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Black Sabbath's Bill Ward pays tribute to Scott Weiland

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward paid tribute to Scott Weiland during his radio show "Rock 50", you can read some excerpts below.

He said: "More sad news came last week, on Thursday, December the 3rd, when frontman/vocalist Scott Weiland passed away while on tour. We have played Velvet Revolver, which was one of Scott's bands, and we're gonna play one of the tracks from Velvet Revolver in a moment, but we wanna make sure that we send our condolences to his family and thank Scott for all the music."

He continued: "I knew Scott and I met him on and off for a number of years. And I met him, actually, when he was quite young, and I found him to be one heck of a guy, to say the least. He was one hell of a singer, to say the least. And I was really taken aback by the fact that he passed away. And it's always sad when we lose a fellow musician that was active in rock and roll."

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