Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Metallica's Lars Ulrich about playing pre-Super Bowl show: "It's a huge honor"

Metallica's Lars Ulrich was recently interviewed by "Lamont And Tonelli Show". You can read some excerpts below.

About the show that Metallica will play for the Super Bowl 50: "It's sort of part of the Super Bowl weekend. This is year three now. They have a show called 'The Night Before'. A couple of years ago, it started in New York with Red Hot Chili Peppers playing. Last year, they had a bunch of country acts in Arizona. And this year drum roll, please it's your hometown boys Metallica."

About the significance of playing next year's Super Bowl for him and his bandmates, who have called the San Francisco Bay Area home for more than three decades. Lars said: "Obviously, it's Super Bowl 50, and it's all the Bay Area. And Metallica is very proud and honored… I don't wanna sound too corny, but, obviously, it's gonna be a big week for all of us whether you're in radio or rock and roll or whatever so having all the hoopla in town for a whole week is gonna be a lot of fun, and the fact that we were asked to be part of that is, obviously, a huge honor. And playing at home, in our backyard, is obviously always a cool thing. But it's gonna be a bit of an extra-special one this year."

"We've done three years in a row now with the Giants, and it's an awesome thing to be a part of," Ulrich said. "And we've made a lot of great new friends there and relationships. And we did the thing with the Sharks last year, and I think we're gonna do it again this year."

Lars continued: "We proudly fly the flag of all things San Francisco and Bay Area, not just, obviously, at home, but all over the world. The Bay Area is a really special to live. It's not New York and it's not L.A., and we champion everything that is up here. But it's also a small-enough community that you kind of feel that you know everybody. People in New York and L.A. are so transient; people kind of come and go. Up here, people root more. And it's just such a vibe. And, obviously, there's great things happening in tech, and new faces and stuff. But, you know, listen, we're 34 years Metallica, 32 years proudly Bay Area based, and we're just getting started."

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