Monday, November 2, 2015

Anthrax's new album title revealed

According to Johann Stepien of, the title of Anthrax new album is "For All Kings", which will be released in March 2016 via Megaforce in North America and Nuclear Blast in Europe. The information was revealed during a private listening session for the album on October 26 in Paris, France. You can read some excerpts below of Anthrax bassist Frank Bello interview with

About the new Anthrax album, Bello said: "I'm very excited because it's been a while since 'Worship Music'. Now, you have to understand, from our perspective, we came out with 'Worship Music', and thankfully, and thank you, God, people have really taken to it and said… For people to say… A lot of people said it was our best work to date. After thirty years, it means a lot to us. So we felt like, as fans, we want to put out the best product, the best music, and that's what we think we've finally… After nitpicking these songs… I mean, we really took them apart and really took our time with them. I think, as fans that we are, I think this is the time to let this record go, to let it out so people can hear it. I can't wait to play these songs; I honestly can't wait to play these songs live, because you just feel as a fan how people are gonna react to 'em. It's a lot of energy, a lot of energy."

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