Saturday, October 17, 2015

Slipknot's Shawn Crahan talks about his new film "Officer Downe"

Slipknot's Shawn Crahan recently interviewed by 103.9 The Bear radio station about "Officer Downe", the forthcoming film directed by Shawn Crahan. Below some excerpts:

Said Shawn Crahan: "I'm working with a great, great bunch of people. Joe Casey wrote the comic. I'm working with Skip Williamson and Mark Neveldine, who created the 'Crank' series; they're mentoring over me."

"I got to make my first motion picture. It was PhD in six weeks. I made a Hollywood movie that is going to look like a very, very expensive movie. And I did in twenty-one days. Eighteen-hour days for six weeks; the hardest artwork I've ever done in my life. It's awesome."

"It's seriously… I burned out, man. I gave all I've got. The aesthetic and the stylized vision, I think, people are gonna be… Hopefully it's a breath of fresh air for everybody, 'cause I'm coming real different. I'm giving everybody something that's a little extreme on the art, but nothing that you can't grab a hold of, nothing where I'm, like… I lose you. Where you're just, like, 'Clown, you're taking too much artistic liberties to screw us all over.' I'm putting it in the pocket for everyone to enjoy."

He added: "I follow the story. That was my biggest thing. Everybody needs to know… I wanted to represent the story. That was my first prize, to make sure that it has justice. That people that are in love with the comic book and in love with the writer watch the movie and go, 'Yup. That was the story. And Clown brought the visual and brought these crazy outfits and this crazy way of acting and these techniques.' So I think the world's gonna like it."

Shawn Crahan said that he has his sights set on more film directing in the future. "I've got dreams now of reinventing 'Hellraiser' and just getting my head on anything I can get my hands on that maybe I would love. Cause the possibilities are endless: I can make my own movies, I can make other people's movies. But if someone had a 'Hellraiser' script and had funding and I loved it, let's go."

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