Saturday, October 17, 2015

Korn's Fieldy about new Stillwell album: "It's a blend of everything, a hybrid."

Korn bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu's new band "Stillwell" will release its second album, "Raise It Up", on November 13 via Rat Pak Records.

Filedy said: "I tell people that, and they still don't get it: 'I'm the guitar player, not the bass player.' I'll say it and still they're, like… I don't know… I never thought it would be so hard to explain to people that I'm playing guitar."

"Stillwell's musical direction can best be described as street rock and roll, like rock, but a little bit heavier, 'cause we have that street vibe to it. That's basically what it is. And Q is a rapper too, so there's some rap-rock-type stuff in there too, so it's kind of both. It's a blend of everything, a hybrid."

Below the "Raise It Up" track list:

01. Raise It Up
02. Comin' Around
03. Mess I Made
04. Elephant In The Room
05. Light 'Em Up
06. Rug From Under Me
07. Background, Front Row
08. Eggshells
09. No You Won't
10. All City
11. Take A Dive In The Fire

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