Monday, October 5, 2015

KISS' Paul Stanley: "My life is amazing"

KISS' Paul Stanley was recently interviewed by 612 ABC Brisbane, you can read some excerpts below.

About whether he ever gets tired of the touring lifestyle: "We have a spectacular existence. My life is amazing. And, you know, you could get paid a whole lot less for digging ditches, and that's hard work. This is glorious. I've had an incredible career and life being in KISS and making people happy and having people make me happy. So, a very long answer to a short question: no, I'm not tired at all. I'm reveling in this glorious life."

About his persona when he is off stage: "Well, everybody, I think, subscribes to the idea that there's a time and place for everything, and for me to be at the dinner table yelling 'rock and roll' and smashing chairs, or something like that, would be kind of silly and inappropriate. So I just love being home, being with my family, being with my children. I take 'em to school, or pick I them up, and I have a spectacular wife and good friends. So life is about that. That's how I unwind, but it's also the foundation of everything."

About whether his family ever joins him on the road: "It's not really necessary, because I don't tour for any length of time at this point. We may go out for two or three weeks at a time, and then I'll be home for a month or two. So, when possible, yes, but they also have their lives, and to pull my kids out of school just because I miss them would be selfish and also detrimental. So I just try to limit the length of our tours, and it means travelling a bit more to go home and spend time there and then go back out."

About whether he feels that he has achieved that elusive work-life balance: "I do. I do. Sometimes at night, it's a bit of a struggle to not be home with my little ones or with my wife, but, all things being said, I have a blessed life. It's balanced well and I get to be creative and to spend a lot of my time with my fans and with the people who've made this life possible. And, additionally, I get a large amount of time to be home. I spend more time with my children than most dads do who work 9 to 5. I'm with my kids every day, seven days a week, when I'm home, and take 'em them to school or pick 'em up. So I think the balance is pretty good."

About whether he ever gets asked to perform at his children's school: "Actually, it's very funny, because there's usually a fundraiser at my kids' school for the parents once a year. And I play, and Dave Grohl plays; I see Dave almost ever yday. So it's a very lucky school. When you have me playing and the Foo Fighters, it's pretty cool. So, yes, I do get asked and I gladly do it. To be able to give back to a school that makes such a great educational home for my kids is a small, small price and something I enjoy doing. Look, anytime, at this point in my life, I can help somebody else and better someone else's life, ultimately is a gift to me. It's something that comes back. It's like paying it forward."

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