Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose and Steven Adler’s ex-girlfriend on Slash: "He pulled a dogshit stunt on Axl"

A woman named Adriana, who used to be romantically involved with Guns N' Roses' Steven Adler and Axl Rose, posted a message on Facebook before later deleting it.

She said: “So for everyone who wants to keep fucking defending Slash and his pussy move of disrespecting me by not giving my son an autograph, backstage pass, ticket, t shirt, phone call or a direct fuck you and fuck off smith, just undetstand this, i have never asked anything, $ or otherwise from my so called friends in gnr so long ago. I have given then everything of myself and my loyalty. I have defended them explained to my daughter as she was growing up being discriminated against and hid my affiliation because it makes me a target. Fucking gave them my loyalty pictures interviews home everything! And yes I fning expect something. I expect respect. I expect that no matter what you stand by your friends.

I have never done anything but speak highly of Slash even though I know what a dogshit stunt he pulled on Axl. I had to see for myself and i did. Fuck anyone who trys to defend his pussy justifications or motives. I have been quiet and poor far too fucking long. If you don’t like what i saying, the truth, you don’t know me. And never have. Unfriend me bitches I’ve survived this long and will continue i am a fucking legacy to this bs gnr history i know whats up .not going away either.fuck u and ur while mutha fucking crew got ya stressin double glesdin cuz i wont do what im supposed to? Ahhhh, yea now u know im pissed.”

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