Friday, October 30, 2015

Five Finger Death Punch's Chris Kael talks about new video for "Wash It All Away"

Five Finger Death Punch filmed a music video for the song "Wash It All Away" earlier this month with director Wayne Isham, who worked with Metallica, Pantera, Godsmack, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Avenged Sevenfold. The video, which is expected to be released in November, will include video of the band's October 8 show at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael was recently interviewed by "The Jasta Show". About Wayne Isham, Kael said: "I didn't realize that he had done Motley Crue's 'Home Sweet Home'. I knew about the Metallica videos, but I wasn't aware of the Motley Crue… What was the other one I saw? Bon Jovi… All those big videos back in the day, that was the guy."

About new video "Wash It All Away", Kael said: "We've had our fair share of friends of the band that were doing videos and those videos came out great because of the different interpersonal connections we had with the directors. But when you wanna make a statement, Wayne is the dude. He's got the resume. All those great videos… I mean, I remember, whatever it was, junior high or high school, I can't recall at this point, sitting at home, rushing home to see where Motley Crue's 'Home Sweet Home' was on the Top 20 countdown they had every day out there. And fast forward fifteen, twenty years later…. Boom! My video."

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