Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Slayer's Kerry King talks about NFL rule changes

Slayer's Kerry King was recently interviewed by Louder Noise, you can watch some video below.

About the recent series of changes the NFL has adopted in recent years as part of a broader effort to make the game safer, Kerry said: "That's a tough subject to me, 'cause the NFL is my sport. I try to go to a couple of Raider home games every year. If not, another one somewhere else. In the long run, it is for their benefit, because they're getting faster and stronger. Do I wish it was like that? No, man. I like the '70s era, when the Raiders were just thugs. Those guys weren't the speed or the muscle that they are these days. I mean, they were big, sure, and they got hit. That's what football means to me. Now it's evolved into what football is."

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