Saturday, September 19, 2015

Slayer's Kerry King about producer Greg Fidelman: "He dicked us hard"

Slayer's Kerry King was recently interviewed by Guitar World magazine, you can read some excerpts below.

About the band's decision to hire producer Terry Date to helm their new album, "Repentless", after initially teaming up with Greg Fidelman, who also worked on 2009's "World Painted Blood", Kerry said: "The 'Repentless' songs 'Implode' and 'Chasing Death' were recorded and finished before Mayhem Festival in 2012. But Fidelman dicked us. Hard. I don't know if we were stringing him along or he was stringing us along, but he had no intention of working with us. He took another job when we were to start recording. That didn't sit well with me. But I love how 'Repentless' came out. I love that we had Terry Date. If Fidelman didn't snub us, we'd never have hooked up with Terry. Terry's got a giant history of good shit with big-name bands like Pantera and Soundgarden. I think it was a nice marriage. I love the guitars, Tom's Araya voice and the drums. Sonically, it's what it needs to be."

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