Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mayhem Festival co-founder John Reese on lack of Metal headliners: "Heavy rock bands aren't overnight sensations"

Mayhem Festival producers John Reese and Kevin Lyman were recently talked with AltPress.com, you can read some excerpts below.

About if we see might see the return of Mayhem again someday, Lyman responded: "Maybe. I don't know. You never say never, right?"

Reese added: "Man, we're just out of the firing line with this. We haven't really had a debrief on anything as far as what we want to do, where we want to take it, if we want to take it. The biggest problem heavy music has right now is headliners, ultimately. You can't play amphitheaters with this massive production without bands that are hard ticket sellers."

He continued: "There was all this B.S. about it being a shitty lineup this year, but trust me, we beat the streets for a lineup. We didn't leave a single stone unturned. We're going to let dead dogs lie. [Laughs] We'll see what happens in the future. Who knows what the future holds?"

About why there are there fewer heavy music headliners now than in the past, Reese said: "Heavy rock bands aren't overnight sensations. It takes a lot of time, a lot of touring, some big songs."

He continued: "The business from publishing and recorded music is just in the toilet. Bands don't make any money, whereas a DJ can put a song out there and fly all over the world with a backpack. A pop artist can get on KISS FM or Hits 1 on SiriusXM. They can be in commercials and blow up quickly. When you're an aggressive rock band, there are fewer channels."

Reese added: "It's sad because Mayhem was a great avenue for the smaller bands. A lot of major labels are out of the rock business. They'd rather sign a DJ or a pop artist to a 360 deal, whore the song out all over the world and see a big return on their investment in a shorter period of time. The heavy rock space just doesn't work that way."

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