Monday, September 7, 2015

James Hetfield about Metallica fans: "It's like an ultimate family for us"

Metallica frontman James Hetfield was recently interviewed by Time Warner Cable News, you can read some excerpts below.

About what it feels like to get such a strong reaction from the crowd every time Metallica performs live, Hetfield said: "Well, it's like an ultimate family for us, especially for me. When I'm able to just be honest and ask, 'Hey, help sing this part,' or I screwed up the words and they sing it for me. It's, like, 'Man, they really do have our back.' And we don't look at things as mistakes. There are no mistakes that happen. There's just unique ways of doing it for that day. We go up there and we play it. So there's just such a freedom when you have… When the crowd has your back, there's such a freedom to be able to even explore more up there or to even do better. 'Cause you know you're not out there to impress people, you're out there just to deliver what you've got in you."

About Metallica's longevity and whether he and his bandmates thought the group would still be around after all this time. He said: "You know, it was all dreams, and dreams… I believe that if you think it can happen, it''ll be happening. The power of attraction… We wanted this to be our calling, we wanted this to be what we were doing in life and contributing, making a living off of, raising our family with. This is where our passion lied, and the fact that we are still here after 33, 34 years, we're totally blessed and extremely grateful for that. But, honestly, when we were just starting out. We just wanted to play that day. If I played that day, I was happy. Whatever happened the next day was a new adventure. We never thought way too far ahead, and even now. We never looked back either, really, but I think the last few albums… The older we get, the more we kind of look back and get inspired from it as well."

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