Monday, September 7, 2015

Five Finger Death Punch's Jason Hook about new album "Got Your Six": "It's all designed for maximum intensity"

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook was recently interviewed by 97.9 WGRD, you can read some excerpts below.

About the more aggressive nature of the material on Five Finger Death Punch's new album, "Got Your Six", compared to that on the band's previous albums, Hook said: "The last record was actually two records, 'Volume 1' and '2', and that was 25 five songs. And over a span of 25 songs, there was a lot of variety in flavor. So for this record, we thought, 'Let's just keep it potent and everything, sort of, uptempo and high energy.' Not to mention that one or two or three of the songs may make their way into the live set. And at this juncture, the only songs we really wanna add are the ones that are intense and high energy. So let's make sure that the whole album is that, that way, when we add songs to the set, by default, they're just uptempo and high energy."

He continued: "It's kind of along the same line with… I wouldn't say it's exactly like 'The Way Of The Fist', but certainly on the tempo meter, nothing really dips too low, it's all designed for maximum intensity. Which is, I think… I think that's what people like from us anyway. I mean, those are always the fun ones that make you go, 'Yeah!'"

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