Friday, September 11, 2015

Disturbed's David Draiman about a possible new Device album: "I really don't have any intentions of it"

Disturbed's David Draiman was recently interviewed by Loudwire, you can read some excerpts below.

About his side project Device and if there are plans to record another CD in the future, Draiman said: "As they say, 'never say never, but I really don't have any intentions of it. I'm gonna make sure that I pay proper attention to the leviathan from here on out. And that's not diminishing anything. Because all of us had really amazing opportunities and experiences when we were working with our respective projects, myself with Device, Dan and Mike with Fight Or Flight, and John with Adrenaline Mob and Geoff Tate, and everybody else he's worked with."

He continued: "You grow, working with other musicians, you learn from them. I mean, my God, the Device record alone, all the guests and everybody that I had to work with, it was so rewarding and such an unbelievable experience. Doing some work with Dave Mustaine on his record prior, on 'Super Collider', producing the Trivium record, all that was a learning process. And then you grab all that knowledge that you've amassed over this period of time, and you get back together with the guys that you have the greatest amount of creative chemistry on the face of this planet. So now you have all this new ammunition from a knowledge standpoint, and you get to unleash it with the guys who harness it more effectively for you than anyone else. And now going back to that, now knowing that the grass… I don't wanna say… The grass isn't greener, because it's two really different things, but it's like I said about the Porsche commercial: there is no substitute. There's something about what we have together as Disturbed that I personally can't find elsewhere. So why should I look?"

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