Friday, September 4, 2015

Disturbed's David Draiman about his early songwriting ideas: "I wasn't trusting"

Disturbed frontman David Draiman was recently interviewed by Revolver Magazine, you can read some excerpts below.

About the early stages of the songwriting process for Disturbed's album, "Immortalized", Draiman said: "I was busting my head on guitarist Dan Donegan's rough song ideas for the better part of a month and kind of was hitting a wall. Not that I wasn't coming up with ideas creatively, but I wasn't trusting them. I was being very, very… overly critical of my own stuff. I can be very helpful to other people, when it's someone else's work and I can look at it completely objectively, but when it's mine, it's really hard to remove myself from the equation. And I can come up with twenty ideas and not realize that three or four of them are really epic. And so I said to him, 'Let me come out to Chicago, and let's do this on the fly. Let's do this in person. Let me throw these ideas at you and Mike Wengren as I'm thinking of them, and you guys will be my barometer. Just like we did in the beginning; that's kind of the key."

He continued: "You can't replace that chemistry that exists between us. It was so amazing to rediscover that. It was inspiring for all of us. Every time we got into a room, great stuff was coming out… And I'll tell you: we'll never do it any other way."

Draiman added :"After years and years of relying on technology and sending music files back and forth across the country, me in Austin, texas; Dan's still in Chicago, and Mike now lives outside of Milwaukee, it was nice to have it just be human and real and organic, and to have that instant reaction."

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