Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Slayer's Kerry King about Tenacious D: "They're a fucking joke band"

Slayer guitarist Kerry King was recently interviewed by Unrated Magazine, you can read an excerpt below.

About Slayer winning a couple of Grammy Awards: "To be honest? I think it's one of the most retarded things ever, because no one involved with the Grammys has any idea, anything about metal, let alone hard rock. I mean, the first time a Grammy was awarded to a metal band was Jethro Tull. Are you serious? Last year? Tenacious D. They're a fucking joke band. That's what I've gotta say, first and foremost. When we won ours, I think it was probably cool for my parents, you know, 'cause they understand what a Grammy is. They don't understand the bullshit involved with it, but to be able to come home with that big-ass heavy award and show it to my parents, that was important to me."

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