Monday, August 10, 2015

Phil Anselmo about Pantera reunion questions: "It doesn't bother me"

Down's Phil Anselmo was recently interviewed by National Rock Review, you can read some excerpts below.

About whether he ever gets tired of being asked about the possibility of a Pantera "reunion": "You know, it doesn't really bother me… It doesn't bother me, because I understand the concern, I understand the want, I understand… if the opportunity was there, what it would mean to a lot of people. But, right now, there's really no truth to it, because, really, the only people within the band that even communicate, really, are Rex Brown and I. So it's, like… It's not very realistic. And, honestly, I'm in a happy spot, and I'm very happy with what's going on in my life. I can't speak for Vince, but it sure seems like he's moving forward with his life and the direction he wants to head into. So, really, once again, to answer your question, it doesn't bug me at all, but right now, it's just not realistic."

About what he thinks his biggest accomplishment to date has been: "Oh, Lord… Wow! Biggest accomplishment… Well, I guess, staying alive, really, you know… [chuckles] 'Cause I could have been counted out years ago, man. But it did not happen, and it took a lot of hard work. This place where I live, in Louisiana, it's really like its own rehabilitation center in general. You know, I give a lot of credit to my supporters, and the fans, and people with love in their hearts, man, because, without that, coming back would have been a whole lot tougher. Love me or hate me, or whatever, but it's something that I felt I needed to do for myself and for everyone around me that loved me and counted on me. I think being alive in general is… Put it this way: if I would have passed on over a decade ago, we wouldn't be having this conversation. So, I figure that one is pretty important."

About whether he can ever see himself doing something non-music-related in the future: "Sure. I could do a lot of different stuff. I could do voiceovers, I could do radio, I could boxing podcasts, I could do fashion photo shoots… Not really, no. That would be terrible. Truth be told, I figure, you look at guys out there, you mentioned Black Sabbath earlier, and then there's guys like Lemmy, etc. they're still doing it, and they've got twenty years on my old ass. And they're still doing it. So I figure, look, why put a time limit on it? Let it all come to me, if it's gonna come. And, you know, these other opportunities… Like, I did the 'Metal Grasshopper', and stuff like that, with Dave Hill, the comedian. That was fun to do. If stuff like that happens again, I might do it. And I might do it badly, but I might do it. So, you never know."

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