Thursday, August 6, 2015

Korn's Jonathan Davis about song "Daddy": "It's one of most emotional songs i ever wrote"

Korn talked about their song "Daddy" from self-titled album, you can watch the video below.

The song was written about singer Jonathan Davis's experiences with being molested as a child.

Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch said to Metal Hammer: "It was crazy, 'cause the song 'Daddy', we started playing that…. We hadn't played that since, like, 1994-1995, just 'cause Jonathan's really… it's really emotional for him. But he said he still gets emotional doing it some nights, but he just… he says, 'I'll do it for the fans.' And, I mean, every night there's somebody crying in the front row, 'cause there's a lot of people that have been abused. It's really special to play that song. It's a dark song, it feels dark and everything, but it's kind of like therapy, I think, for people."

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