Monday, August 3, 2015

Jimmy Page about Led Zeppelin reunion: "I can't foresee doing it again"

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page was recently interviewed by The Daily Beast, you can read some excerpts below.

Jimmy Page said: "Led Zeppelin was a creative force that you can't just snap your fingers and create. It was a blend of these four master musicians, and each of us were important to the sum total of what the band was. I like to think that if it had been me that wasn't there, the others would have made the same decision not to carry on. Besides, we couldn't just get somebody in there and say, 'Do this, this way?' That wouldn't have been honest or of the same creative nature that we had always striven for. And it's why we still have only done it properly once."

He continued: "We tried to reunite a few times. It always seemed to be done in a hurry and it never worked. That's why the O2 show was done with such intent. We rehearsed loads so that Jason, John's son, felt like he was part of the band and not just some novelty. We all needed it to be that way. But I can't foresee doing it again, because we all have to agree and agree for the right reasons."

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