Monday, July 6, 2015

Five Finger Death Punch's Jeremy Spencer: "Lars Ulrich inspired me to play double bass"

Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer recently talked with "Metal Hammer Magazine Show" about Metallica and Lars Ulrich, who influenced him as a drummer and inspired to play double bass. You can read some excerpts below.

Spencer said: "'Master Of Puppets' is definitely my favorite, probably, metal album ever. It's gotta be top two for sure. It's a toss-up between that and… I actually like 'South Of Heaven' by Slayer too. But when I first heard 'Master Of Puppets', man, the drumming and the double bass, I never heard anything like that before as a young kid. It made such an impression on me that I just kind of wanted to do all things double bass. There's some really fast moments in 'Damage Inc.', and it just stuck with me and made such an impression on me as a drummer when I was younger; I instantly fell in love with it."

"I think they blended… They kind of had some European melody going on in the guitars, especially in the early records. That was different. But it was just… It was a different beast at that time; nothing sounded like it. There was an energy coming from that, and I think the riffs and the arrangements of the songs, it made such an impression on me and on so many other people."

About how much of an impact late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton's contributions had on the way "Master Of Puppets" turned out, Spencer said: "I really don't know, but, obviously, he had some serious influence on them, 'cause their sound drastically changed after his death. But I love it. I think the first three records are incredible, to me."

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