Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Disturbed's David Draiman on new album "Immortalized": "I just want people to walk away feeling powerful"

Disturbed recently talked about their new album "Immortalized", you can read some excertps below.

Frontman David Draiman said: "The idea was to leave when we were at our peak, which we were, and to come back when we felt reinvigorated. Everything was strategic. We wanted to give ourselves a chance to breathe, give the fans a chance to breathe, and give the culture a chance to evolve. Now is the time. The environment feels ready. The musical landscape feels ready. We're ready."

Drummer Mike Wengren said: "We had basically been going nonstop since 1998. We got to do our things. It didn't take too long until the itch started coming back."

Guitarist Dan Donegan added: "We wanted to return when we collectively had that fire underneath us. We missed it so much that we could tap into this energy and deliver the right album. We did it on our own terms."

"When the band formed, we all lived in the same city," recalls Mike. "So, when we wrote, we would all be in the same room together. We had gotten away from that because we don't live in the same states. There's definitely something to be said about that chemistry and interaction when we're together feeding off each other. We pushed ourselves to rekindle that."

Draiman: "We wanted to go back to where it started before the technology existed where you could create from across the country. We were in the same space again, throwing ideas back and forth on the fly and allowing them to grow immediately. For this album, everything was written in the same room. It was wonderful experiencing how it used to be back in the day for us. That became apparent in the material, whether it was the passion of the performance, the power being harnessed, or the feelings evoked. We could feel the difference."

Donegan: "We agreed it was time to start trusting an outside ear and see if somebody could get something out of us that we hadn't done ourselves. The goal was to find a producer we felt creatively comfortable with, but who could challenge us and spark a new evolution. Churko did that. We had chemistry together right out of the gate. We were prepared to change things."

Draiman: "Basically, 'The Vengeful One' is the personification of The Destroyer, the Angel of Death, Gabriel, or the Hand of God looking over humanity. In the song, it's the End of Days. Things are getting worse, and we're becoming more destructive. The media is playing everyone against one another and baiting the entire world. It's judgment day. This is that entity's voice speaking and passing judgment."
Wrengen: "I wanted to lay down a big spacious beat to give the guys room to play. It's something slightly different for us, but it's got that signature syncopation we love."

Donegan: "Musically, it's got that old-school metal sound. It's definitely DISTURBED!"

Draiman: "The message for 'The Light' is one of positivity. Most people are quite apprehensive about the "dark" periods, and experiences of their lives. However, sometimes those dark periods of time are a necessary path we must take in order to finally see, 'the light,' so to speak."

Donegan: "We didn't want to cover up David's vocal with loud, aggressive, and distorted guitars. We wanted to showcase his vulnerability and take a leftfield approach. The strings and violins really deepen it. It's something that might shock people because we went down a new path altogether. We did what felt right and saw the vision through. I think the fans will feel like it was worth the wait. We've been planning this for the past year and keeping it a secret so we can't wait to hear the response. I hope fans realize we have a lot more left in us. This album reassured me of that. To be away from it for almost five years, get back in a room, write together, and tap into that fire is awesome. Part of me didn't want to leave the studio! We still have a lot more to say. We still have a lot more to do. We're returning stronger than ever. I think 'Immortalized' shows that."

Wrengen: "I can't wait for everybody to hear it. We've had so many fans asking that I hope the response is, 'This is exactly what we've been waiting for!'

Draiman: "I just want people to walk away feeling powerful. That's it. That's what we wrote this record to do."

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