Monday, July 6, 2015

Bullet for my Valentine's Matt Tuck about the fans reaction to the new song "No Way Out": "It's been amazing"

Bullet For My Valentine's Matt Tuck was recently interviewed by, you can read some excerpts below.

About songwriting approach on the new CD: "We just took a backseat and tried to re-invigorate what made us our band in the first place, rather than trying to make these massive rock records that would appeal to the masses. Let's make it heavy, aggressive and angry. It just feels good. We took a bit of inspiration from bands like Kasabuan and Faith No More because they can do whatever they want. They can play big arena shows but every other tour they'll go back to Brixton or Blow and spice it up. They can do it, let's give it a go."

About new song "No Way Out" and fans reaction to the track: "It's been amazing. It's kicked off big time again. It's definitely something that the fans are excited about now. From all the feedback and reviews we've had, people are excited again, y'know? It's something that we haven't felt for the last couple of years for whatever reason. But just off the back of that one song, things are brewing, people are expecting something special and I think we're gonna deliver that."

About how it feels to be putting himself out like that in a song, Tuck said: "Yeah, that's alright, man. That's part of what a lyricist should be doing, y'know? Writing about something that means something to you, regardless of how happy or dark it is. As long as it's relevant, heartfelt, and it comes across well in the song. It's a very dark song lyrically, and that's kind of what made us who we were in the first place. It's something that we've always done and something that I feel I'm good at."

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