Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Slayer's Kerry King about Jeff Hanneman: "Jeff is worm food"

Slayer guitarist Kerry King was interviewed by The Village Voice and said that he doesn't feel the spirit of Jeff Hanneman. Below you can read some excerpts.

Kerry King said: "Jeff is worm food. When you die, you go in the dirt. There is no doubt. Doubt's called agnostic. I'm not agnostic."

About "Piano Wire", an unfinished song of Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King said: "I didn't know this until Tom Araya told me recently. I didn't talk to Jeff about that song, because I didn't really have to police Jeff. If he wrote it, I was pretty sure it was all right. It was about sometime in World War II, because he was a big World War II history buff. I don't know the exact instance, but apparently the Germans would hang people from buildings by piano wire as a warning to people not to go against them. That’s a very general description."

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