Thursday, June 25, 2015

KISS' Gene Simmons: "Yes, rock is dead"

KISS' Gene Simmons was recently interviewed by BBC Radio 2, you can read some excerpts below.

Simmons said: "The most important thing for me is the sad fate of new bands. I've been quoted as saying 'rock is dead,' and, unfortunately, it truly is, because you cannot name a new Beatles or a new Elvis or a new Black Sabbath."

He continued: "Who's the new Led Zeppelin? The point is, in the pop world, there's Taylor Swift, who's fantastic, and Lady Gaga... there's a lot of stuff. But only time makes you iconic. And I love all kinds of music, but in rock, it is sadly dying a bad fate. And that's because the Internet and filesharing and downloading have killed the chances of the next young band that does have the writing potential and the performing potential to be the next Zeppelin or Beatles, but there's no support system. That's called record companies."

"Imagine you work as a roofer, you put roofs on buildings, and then they figure out a way for you to do that and not get you paid. You write a book, you spend a year doing it, and then everybody fileshares it and downloads it and you don't get paid. The Internet says, basically, that no matter how much you work and how long, I'm going to take your stuff and you're not gonna paid for it. Listen, it doesn't hurt me. I'm very rich, so it doesn't affect me. I'm saddened that... Because once upon a time, I was dirt poor, and I got my riches by working for it for 41 years. But at least I had a chance. I had a record company in my corner that gave me advances, millions of dollars, that I never had to pay back, even if we failed. You only hurt the one you love. People complained about record companies: 'Ah, the suits.' Yeah, you're right: they were suits; they were not like you and I, and they don't like the same things we do. But they were the support system; they were the ones that made it all possible. Without Geffen Records, there wouldn't have been a Nirvana. Don't kid yourself."

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