Saturday, June 6, 2015

Five Finger Death Punch's Jeremy Spencer on Memphis onstage meltdown: "We are not proud of what happened"

Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer was interviewed by Access Rock in Sweden and talked about Memphis onstage meltdown. Below you can read some excerpts.

Asked about the rumors that the band was on the verge of splitting up following the incident, Jeremy Spencer said: "No, that wasn't even close to happening. It was a bad night. I mean, we were getting ready to go on. There's thousands of people there, and we're trying to get these sound issues sorted out. It's frustrating, we start to bicker amongst ourselves, and we were just in a bad mood. Ivan took it a little harder than the rest of us, and he's not happy about what happened. But we're human, and we reacted, maybe, in a way we shouldn't have. We kind of had a little bit of a fight in front of everyone, and we didn't mean for that to happen. And hopefully we'll get to go back there and make it up to the fans that paid their hard-earned money and travelled all that way to see us. It's not like we're proud of what happened; we're not. It's a shame, and we hope to fix that and go there and make it better."

He continued: "We've been together ten years. That's a long time to be in a marriage together. So there's ups and downs, like in anyone else's relationship. But, unfortunately, it just happened in front of thousands of people, and on YouTube. But whatever..."

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