Friday, June 12, 2015

Five Finger Death Punch's Jason Hook on "Got Your Six": "We wanted to make a heavy record"

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook was interviewed by Kaaos TV in Helsinki, Finland. Below you can read some excerpts.

About new Five Finger Death Punch album "Got Your Six": "What can I tell you other than we just finished it, like, we literally had one final meeting before we went to the airport the next day. So we were listening to all the songs, making little comments, making little adjustments, and then we came here... not here to Finland, but to Europe. And, what can I tell you? Other than, we set out to make a specific record. This one was supposed to be a focused, condensed, high-potency, heavy record. The net-net is we didn't wanna fuck around. We wanted to make something that was a slam to the face and real enjoyable and focused, no extended wandering around. It's just right in your face."

On his lead guitar work on "Got Your Six" Jason Hook said: "I take great pride in the stuff that I do on the records; I work very hard on my guitar solos. I started working on 'Got Your Six' back in October. I have a brand new studio I built at my house called the Leopard's Nest; it's killer. It's upstairs... it's rad. So I was buried in there for the last six-seven months just working, working, working... And then the last thing to get done on the record, for me, is always the solos. But I record 'em in my studio, by myself, trying to make sure that they're right for me. I wanna get off on them, so I take my time and make sure I practice them, play 'em, write 'em, record 'em... You know?!

"I'm hoping that when people buy one of our records, I'm hoping that they always know they're gonna get some decent lead guitar work, I hope. In my opinion, records are forever, so you have to give it that sort of attention. It's forever. It lives on the shelf way beyond my death, so I want to give it everything I have."

On the "Got Your Six" album title: "It's a title that Zoltan Bathory came up with. Basically, it's a military term. You think about the way they communicate to each other has to do with... sometimes it has to do with a clock. So they go, 'Japanese Zero is at one o'clock,' or 'nine o'clock,' or 'six o'clock.' Six o'clock is your back. So it's, 'I got your back.'"

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