Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cream drummer Ginger Baker: "I loathe and detest heavy metal"

Legendary rock and roll drummer Ginger Baker was recently interviewed and talked about heavy metal, below you can read some excertps.

Baker said: "These people that dress up in spandex trousers with all the extraordinary makeup, I find it incredibly repulsive, always have. I've seen where Cream is sort of held responsible for the birth of heavy metal. Well, I would definitely go for aborting. [Laughs] I loathe and detest heavy metal. I think it is an abortion."

"A lot of these guys come up and say, 'Man, you were my influence, the way you thrashed the drums.' They don't seem to understand I was thrashing in order to hear what I was playing. It was anger, not enjoyment, and painful. I suffered on stage because of that high amplifier volume crap. I didn't like it then, and like it even less now. That whole Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame thing, at least half the people in there don't have a place in any kind of hall of fame anywhere, in my opinion."

Baker offered his colorful take on Led Zeppelin's late drummer John Bonham, saying: "Years ago, John said, 'There are two drummers in rock and roll, Ginger Baker and me.' There's no way John was anywhere near what I am. He wasn't a musician. A lot of people don't realize I studied. I can write music. I used to write big band parts in 1960, '61. I felt that if I was a drummer, I needed to learn to read drum music. I was so good at sight reading, a guy in one of the big bands told me to get two books. I studied them at the same time. One was about the rules of basic harmony, the other how to break them all. [Laughs]"

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