Saturday, June 20, 2015

Corey Taylor: "Slipknot will take a couple of years off after this tour cycle"

Slipknot's Corey Taylor was interviewed by, below you can read some excerpts.

About a new album, Corey said: Corey: "Well, I mean, we're gonna finish touring and then we're gonna take a couple of years off again to, kind of, let everything chill. I'm gonna go do my thing, and everybody else's gonna go, kind of, do their thing. I know Clown's got movies that he wants to make, which is very cool. He just wrapped his first feature a couple of months ago, which I'm pretty stoked for him about. So everybody is gonna, kind of, do their thing, and then, in a couple of years, we'll get back together and see what happens again. Kind of what we used to do... Before we lost Paul Gray, that's what we would do: we would go pursue other projects for a while and then we would get back together after a couple of years and say, like, 'All right. What have we got now?' So I think that's what we're gonna do."

About he ever thought Slipknot would one day be able to afford to fly around in a private jet "No. No. I mean, look at us. Bands like us don't get there. We're very, very lucky. We have a lot of talent. We have a lot of hard work, as far as our work ethic goes. And we're very stubborn men. But, you know, at the same time, we're very lucky. We were the right band at the right time with the right type of emotion, and I think, because of that, we've been able to take this further than we could have even ever imagined. I can't speak for everybody in the band, but I know I'm extremely grateful for the love that the audience has given us."

On why Slipknot is still at the top after twenty years of existence: "I don't know... to be honest. I mean, the only thing that I can say, or figure out, is maybe because our reasons for making music have never changed. We're still the band who remembers what it was like to hear our favorite bands when we were 14. And remember playing in front of an audience when we were, like, 19, or, in my case, my first show was when I was 13. That same passion carries over today. I'm 41, so, for me, it wouldn't make any sense for me to come out here and fake it and act like I wanted be here, because I wear my emotions very much on everything. So, for me, the same emotion that went into the first album goes into everything that we do, and I think the fans realize that and they feel it and they react to it, and I think that's why we've just been getting bigger and bigger and bigger... in a career that has, really, had a lot of highs and lows. So, yeah, I don't try to figure it out anymore. I just kind of go, 'All right.' I enjoy the surprise of it. And that just makes me do everything I can for the audience."

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