Friday, June 19, 2015

Butcher Babies talk about the new album "Take It Like A Man"

Butcher Babies frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey was interviewed by at this year's Download Festival, below the video and some excerpts.

About the songwriting process:

Heidi: "We had to write a lot on the road, because we've been touring constantly, so a lot of the time, on off days, we would rent a rehearsal space in the city we had off, and we would set up all of our equipment and write the record. It ended up being really cool. I think we dove in and really pulled some crazy emotions that we kind of forgot we had suppressed emotions, things that we hadn't really thought about in all the years, 'cause, like I said, they were suppressed. And we put it on the album. And it came across really raw and really emotional and honest and we're pretty pumped."

Carla: "Like she said, the album is great. We're really proud of it. We went back to our thrash metal roots on this album. 'Goliath', our last album, was a little bit more melodic than we started out, and we enjoyed writing that album, and I think it was what we needed to do at the time. But this album is so heavy and it's so raw… There's so much emotion. So we're really excited."

About the influence of their new album  "Take It Like A Man":

Heidi: "We always take influence from everyone you always tour with, play with… Everyone kind of watches each other and you respect different things about each band. But, for us, it was more so just going back to how we originally were. The very first single we ever released as a band, in 2010, was 'Blonde Girls All Look The Same', and that song was super thrashy. And we decided we wanted to kind of bring it back to that for this album, because that's originally who we were. Plus, after touring non-stop for four years, we realized that's what our fan base wants. They want that music that makes 'em move, that music that makes 'em feel something. And so, this album, we gave it to 'em. We even re-did 'Blonde Girls All Look The Same', so it's gonna be on the album.It was re-done completely."

Carla: "It's a grown-up version. It's actually really cool to hear how much we've changed. You know, obviously, we've been a band for five years now, and if you don't grow as an artist in those five years, there's a problem. And so, listening to the two recordings back and back, you can really see that we've honed our strengths and our voices… It's so cool to see the difference that five years makes."

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