Thursday, June 4, 2015

Butcher Babies about new album: "We really dug into really deep into our childhoods" recently interviewed Butcher Babies frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey talking about the new album. Below the video and some excerpts:

Heidi: "It's just about experiences in our lives. And this album, in particular, we really dug into really deep into our childhoods and even during our adulthood, and pulled some suppressed memories, suppressed emotions out. I can't tell you how many times we got emotional during the writing and the recording of it. To us, it's important to have that. And, as an artist, we're able to take those memories and turn them into positives. That's something that we aim for."

Carla: "We encourage our fans to do that with us. If a song hits you and makes you feel a certain way, sing along with us. Bleed your heart out with us while we're up there on stage. It's our favorite part of the show to watch all the kids singing along to these lyrics that mean so much to us. We're so thankful to be in a position to reach people. It's a really beautiful thing for us."

Heidi: "There are people that helped us, musicians that helped us as kids, gave us a voice. And now we're doing that for other people, and I feel like that's the biggest blessing in the world."

Carla: "The first album, they always say you had your whole life to write the first album, and the second album we had to write when we had some spare time on the road and in the studio, which is a completely different experience. It's not as organic as the first one. But this is obviously the way we're gonna have to write from now on, when you're touring so much."

Heidi: "On our headlining tour, on our off days, we would rent rehearsal spaces in different cities and write the record. There's a song called 'Merriam'… It's not called 'Merriam' officially, but the working title is 'Merriam', 'cause it was written in Merriam, Kansas. We had a lot of writing go on on the road. At home, too. I mean, over the summer, we had plenty of time to write. I sat up and wrote so much. She had an eye injury, so she couldn't really do much. She was trying to write it down. But it was cool to bring those together afterwards and compare our notes. And then Henry was… We have a studio in our place and he was in there all summer long just locked in his room  and he was in there just writing and writing and writing."

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