Monday, June 15, 2015

Black Veil Brides' Andy Biersack: "We'll make another record in the winter"

Black Veil Brides recently interviewed at Download Festival by Below you can read some excertps.

About what is next for Black Veil Brides after Download, Andy Biersack said: "You know what?! Honestly... Probably more of the same for us. And the fact that we want to continue to make records when we can. For us, we're gonna keep touring the rest of the cycle on this record and then go back and probably make another record in the winter... We're headlining the Warped tour this year, so that's really exciting. And then, after that, we're gonna do maybe one more tour. We might come back before the end of the year here in England. And then we're gonna take a couple of months off and probably start making a new record."

He continued: "We put out, I guess, coming up on our fifth record, and... So, I mean, we really like to write records and record records. I mean, it's fun for us. So, every time we think, 'Oh, after this one, we'll take a couple of years off,' six months go by and I'm, like, 'Ah, let's get back in the studio and make music.'"

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