Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce: "Early lyrics for new album were about Danny Worsnop"

Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce in a recent interview with Metal Hammer said he had written a lot of lyrics about former singer Danny Worsnop, but ended up rewriting all with the new singer, Denis Shaforostov. Below you can read some excerpts.

Ben Bruce said: "I've written a lot of the lyrics for Asking Alexandria new record, and a lot of them, to begin with, were about Danny. I mean, I was fucking pissed off, man. The guy was my best friend, and he just kind of turned his back on me and fucking bailed. And I was angry, I was really angry, and I was upset, so a lot of the lyrics were written towards Danny and a lot of them were quite spiteful and lot of them were quite upsetting. And I sat down one day, and Denis actually sat down[with me, and he was, like, 'You don't want this album to be about Danny. Danny is in the past now. You need to move on. You need to look forward to your future.' And I was, like, 'You're right. You're right.' And I sat down and I re-wrote most of the record, lyrically anyway, with Denis."

He continued: "It was hard to, sort of, switch off, 'cause I was still angry and stuff. Every now and again, there might be something about Danny, obviously, because, being a musician and an artist, I write about what's fueling me and how I'm feeling at the time. But a lot of how I'm feeling is excitement, and I am happy, and I am extremely grateful to still be going, so I just had to concentrate more on that for writing the new record than use my energy, in hindsight, in a negative way, which it completely would have been had Denis not called me out and said, 'Stop being a pussy,' which is cool."

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