Saturday, June 20, 2015

Alice Cooper: "Paul McCartney is a Rocker"

The Beatles legend Paul McCartney, actor Johnny Depp and Aerosmith's Joe Perry make appearances on the new Alice Cooper album featuring songs that were originally written and recorded by The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and The Who.

Alice Cooper said to NME: "We decided to put a band together and kind of celebrate all of our dead, drunk friends. All of our big brothers died at 27 years old. You know, Jim Morrison... We toured with The Doors. And Jimi Hendrix was one of our best friends, and we drank with these guys."

He continued: "Johnny Depp and I were doing that movie 'Dark Shadows', and we decided one night we were gonna over to the 100 Club and just be a bar band, no glitz, no glam. Somebody yells out 'Brown Sugar', yeah, we'll play that. Just to kind of have fun with it. And, at that time, we had so much fun playing covers that we said, 'Why don't we do an album that celebrates all of our dead, drunk friends?' We started naming them: John Lennon, Keith Moon from The Who, Harry Nilsson, T. Rex... And the list was so impressive that we could pick out songs and we ended up making the album. So it's not an Alice Cooper album; it's a Hollywood Vampires album."

Regarding Paul McCartney's involvement, Cooper said: "Paul's a rocker, man. If he wasn't in his band, he would be in a pub somewhere playing with a bunch of guys. He just loves to play. And even though, you look back and go, 'Jesus, the guy is a Beatle.' He wasn't just a Beatle; he was the Beatle... and wrote more songs than anybody and never has gone back on what he believes, what he does. So when he walks in a room and sits down at the piano and says, 'Okay, you take the high part, I'll take the...' We're all, like...' [mouths 'That's Paul McCartney over there.'] He was just one of the guys. He was just one of the guys in the band. So now when I see him, I go, 'Vampire.' And he goes, 'I'm a Vampire.' But John was a vampire. John Lennon was one of our nightly guys; he was there every night."

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