Friday, May 22, 2015

Slipknot's Jim Root about "Mad Max: Fury Road" movie: "I was a little bit let down"

Slipknot guitarist Jim Root was recently interviewed by 100.3 The X Rocks and talked about new movie "Mad Max: Fury Road". Below you can read some excerpts.

Root said: "I'm gonna be careful on this one... I've gotta be careful on this one, 'cause I'm a little bit of a 'Max Max' [1979]/ 'The Road Warrior' [1981] purist.

"I would have to say the cinematography was amazing, the storyline evolved, and the plot evolved to be better than what it started out as, but I was a little bit let down. I mean, it kind of seemed to me like it was a little bit more about Charlize Theron, her character, than it was about the Tom Hardy character, who is Mad Max. But maybe they're just setting it up for future stuff. The cinematography was great, the props were great... Some of the cars that they welded together to make some of the new machinery was great. It wasn't completely overdone with computer graphics, which I think is awesome. But I missed, you know, man... I love 'Mad Max' and 'The Road Warrior', in particular, those movies are very close to my soul, you know what I mean?! You know, the Ford Falcon that he drives around in and all that stuff. I mean, that's... And, obviously, that car was in the movie and all that, but... I don't know if he'll get back to that car or... I'm trying not to give anything away."

Root added: "It was good, man. Because the group that I was with last night kind of had the vibe that I'm having about it, but I've seen some people online that were, like, 'Fuckin' amazing! It was the greates...', you know what I mean?! And all that. I'm just a dumb guitar player, man. My opinion doesn't matter."

"It was entertaining enough that I would definitely like to see it. Having said that, though, while I was watching the movie, at one point I was stuffing my face full of popcorn, going, 'Well, I kind of wish I would have went and just saw 'Ex-Machina' again.' You know what I mean?! But that was maybe a little bit before the plot started to evolve, and all that. And me too, I don't dive so deep into things. If there's a comic about it, then maybe… Like, for me, I don't follow the comic scene very closely. So watching the new 'Avengers' flick, it was, like, 'Well, this is from a comic,' and 'That's because of this,' and 'Thanos is because of this and that' and the 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' ties in with it nicely… I had no idea about that. So maybe there is a series of comics about 'Mad Max' and the 'Road Warrior' that more of this new movie ties in with that type of stuff. I don't know. Like I said, it's not really my thing; I just like to enjoy what I enjoy."

Root concluded: "You know, 'Mad Max' and 'The Road Warrior' was part of my childhood, and that's why I'm so close to it. I remember seeing those movies at a drive-in theater with my parents when I was very young. So it's special."

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