Monday, May 18, 2015

Metallica's James Hetfield: "Being a parent is so hard"

Metallica's James Hetfield recently talked about his family, below you can read some excerpts.

He said: "When I turned fifty, there was a strange split in the road, thinking I'm this rocker dude who's gotta go out blazing. I'm an artist, I'm a struggling artist. I need to struggle, I have to… Maybe I have to fall farther. Maybe the elevator needs to go further down. I need to... I need to... I need to do some more research. I need to show my fans that I really care about them more than anything else, and forgot about the other split, my family, and that's an unconditional love. Just because my family kind of disintegrated as a kid doesn't mean my parents didn't have unconditional love for me. I know there are parents out there that struggle with loving their kids, or not knowing how to love their kids."

He continued: "God, being a parent is so hard! And I'll either smother that kid with control, or I'll just go like this. 'Whatever you do, I don't wanna know about it.' Being in the middle is so hard... so hard in the very middle, showing that you care. And being hated as a parent... Even when you're doing a good job, you're hated."

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