Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stone Sour's third covers EP will include Van Halen's 'Unchained'

Corey Taylor was recently interviewed by WGRD 97.9 FM and talked on how Stone Sour went about choosing which songs to cover for the three EPs:

"It's kind of cool, because this is something we've been threatening to do for a very long time. So when the opportunity afforded itself, we already had the list put together. We just kind of went around and said, 'What do you wanna play?'"

He continued: "Our biggest thing was a) representing the bands who have inspired us to do what we do, and b) just to have fun with it. This wasn't like days on end spent agonizing over vocal takes or anything like that. I mean, we did the majority of the music live at Roy Mayorga's studio, and then, for two days, I would just sing my ass off. And all those vocals on the first one were done in two days. The one I just finished up, the vocals were all done in two days. I mean, it was just, like, 'Hit it and get the vibe and get out. Don't overthink it. Don't sing it with the thought of, 'Oh, we're gonna Auto-Tune this later,'' which is just such a copout. It was, 'Capture the vibe and have fun with it.' And that's what we did. I think that's why it pops off the album the way it does. We've gotten so many compliments from so many people about the spirit of it and the sound of it that it just feels good to know that we did these songs justice. And, yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing the reaction from people when we put the second one out."

About if there were any songs that he was particularly looking forward to covering, Taylor said: "The one song that I've always wanted to cover was 'Unchained' by Van Halen. And that's gonna be on the third EP that we put out. The music is already done. I haven't sang it yet. I mean, that's one of my all-time favorite songs, full stop, because it's just got such a great vibe to it. And I love that band so much. I just feel like that song just kind of sumps up everything about that band that's awesome. So when the time came, I was, like, 'We're definitely doing 'Unchained'. Everybody can shut up. We're definitely doing 'Unchained', and that's the way it's gonna be.' So I'm looking forward to that one. That's the one that a) I know I can sing, and b) I know that I'm just gonna have a ton of fun singing it."

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